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I think I mint found some one.

I mint found some one and feel this is the right one. And have to see while things go on . And see what happens . And it is weird that the man accept me .And that is different.

I talk to people and they seem they don't listen to me

I wish people would listen to me.
And it seems like they don't listen.
I say come back in 3 hours and then they are right back.
I just don't understand.
It is like deal with a family that did not listen to me
when I was growing up with.
And it is so disappointing.
I just wanted to scream.

That is how I feel to day

I can not waited for summer and it is April

I can not waited for summer time.
And sit out and just watch the out doors.
I sit on my padio alot.
And listen to the birds.
And think of storys to write about.
And like it been warm out side.
And sit out with my plants and talk to them.
I like to be out there all the time and eat out there.
I am out doors pereson .

I decied to do things different this year

I am started a garden and flower garden.
And it is lot of fun.
And fixed my pandio and then work on it .
And look at things different this year.
And then have good time to do .
It is still cold to work on it or plant .
But it is going to be lot of fun.
I am trying to get good at write again.,
And spent my time in my office write and doing
I am try to do that .
I know my mood is good that when I write and i decied to get
off the internet and work on this.

I wanted to get back to write again

I  wanted to get back in to write again.
Meet a man in the army and he has been there 18years .
I decied to get back in to my write .
And then I am be here every day and write and try to do some stories.
And then it is good to get out of those date sites.
And then i am look for some thing to write for .
Then I hope all you are well.
And been have good time.

I am getting tired of getting hurt by older people

Even older people can be bullie you.
It seems like they can not even grow out of it.
And then it is like I am in School.
And I am tired of that older people can not grow up either.
And I was trying to be with them and understand the way
they are and then they were pick on me more and more.
That I went to my apartment and don't wanted to be around them
And it is a shame.
I am write to the owner and tell him what it is to rent his apartmen.
And what it is like.
I love his apartment .
But the older people .
It is shame to tell in one to rent these apartment .
Because of thet people.
I understand what the younger ones go throw.

I get over whelm

I get over whelm.
And it is hard for me.
When some one buzz me on the track phone.
And some one talking to you on the internet and then
some one talking to you face to face.
And then house keeper asking you question and then
some one at the coffee room they are talking to you .
And then the landry is going and people in that room and then
that is lot for me .
I thought I drive my self crazy.
I thought I could not get caught up .
And learn that was hard for me .
To do all that.

I am seen throw the other side of the tunel

You no they say there is Angel a around us.
And I can see this more and more.

When I wanted to give up and then wanted to go and die.
It is the one that are around us.

The Care Giver that walkes in every morning and said.
Hello in one in there.
That means lot to me and then I am not alone.

'The People at the store and said when you are late and
wonder what happen.
The one clerk said I wanted to read your writeings they
are very imported me .
And she is the one that got me looking for some thing like this

And Experience project help me get my feelings out.
And understand me more then I evey did.
And that helps me lot.

I am learn who I am .
And how I feel and it is ok to feel the feeling I have.

Am I all alone and feeling this. Hoilday with out no one

Do you feel that way.
That you are alone and no one there .
To just have some one to talk to when
the hoildays come.
It has been going on for 5 years now.
And it is getting hard for me every year.
And no one talks about it.
But you no it is getting hard every
year this go.
And I feel that I am all alone.
How do you feel?
Tell me how you feel?
Christmas is the hardest.
And Christmas I sit there.
And I sit there and think there is some one
out there most feel the same way I do.

Another year. And no one to share hoildays with

Another year and no one to share the hoilday
Halloween it starteds and no one with me .
And then Thanksgiving and then I am alone when
that comes.
And then Christmas .
I put the tree up .
And then empty around the tree.
There it sits with no christmas present .
You no I am get tired of this.
I love to find a friend to share Christmas with.
And the other hoildays.

It is different people they like me

It is different people to day they
Like me.

They don't hate me foe what I am.
Like my family does and it makes a differnet

How it feels.
It hard some time.

Not out the blue my Mom
Not going to hit me for some reason.

That people are not in my life.

It hard not to there in my mind and
wonder out her mood she is not
going to hit me

I have to stand strong

I have relised talking to a Girlfreind.
I need to stand on my feet.
And relised it is to be strong.
And then be tough.
Even if it is wrong to be.
That is why I just wanted freinds.
And not to get hurt in more.
And then in the same look for some one.
But I am looking for someone close to me.
My Moods change and I think all of are moods
But it is to stand up.

The noise echos

The noise just echos and loud
And it is loud then it suppose to
be .
And hard to get in thing done.
It is so loud and I shout my self
in room .
With the radio or musica on it is
so hard to deal with .

I am started to shared my feelings

I am have hard time with life.
I am decied to have friends and
that is all for a while.
Relinship is not for me for a while
I just wanted to have freind to go
and have fun.
I am have a hard time with noise and can
not deal with life.
So I have came to talk and see what happens.
Thank you for comeing and read it .

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